Fabric Example

Some of you might want to see the fabric example as i recived many e-mail ask for them :) so let's start with the first one

001 Muiti color stripe canvas, very nice and humble color. you gonna love it ^^ 

002 Pastel Old rose stripe cotton. This one look nice and pretty :D

003 Yellow and white stripe cotton. Very fun and summer color.

003 Light blue and white stripe. i like this one very much. it is japanese cotton denim, very high quality and friendly pastel tone.

004 Green and white stripe. Most of my customer love this one very much. we are love green, right?

005 and 006 Black and white stripe. very cool and classic :)

007 Mustard and white polka dot. one of my favourite color. Funky and retro style.

008 Pastel brown and white polka dot. i am in love with brown, always. hope you guy like them too :)

any more question, please email me cherijame@gmail.com
Thanks for looking. have a nice day :D