Ukulele case collection ^^

hello guys, it's been long long time since my last ukulele bags update. i alway think that i regularly update my shop (https://www.etsy.com/shop/cherijame) every week so it's not necessary to update here BUT in 2014, i've change my mind!!! who know maybe you guys stumble here and finally found me :)

well, Nice to meet you. in case, we never met before ^^ my name is cheri. i own a small online shop and this is my best seller. The colourful ukulele case. The first one is soprano size.

This one is concert size.

This is my red polka dot case. This one is tenor ukulele size.

This one is also tenor size made from canvas.very unique.

This one is light blue stripe japanese denim cotton ukulele case. so sweet and yet, durable.

The grey stripe is one of my favourite concert case as i like grey colour a lot and it is quiet simple and stylish.

i also make the backpack strap.

This one is my best seller too. Navy blue is quiet popular among my customer and i like this colour too.

Last christmas, this pattern is quiet popular. the yellow and the colourful pattern make it's very fun.

maybe, my picture can proof ^^

see you again :) please contact me if you are interested in my product at cherijame@gmail.com



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  1. I just learned tho play ukulele and loved it!! What I love more are your cases! I'm looking to buy one on Etsy. Will you be making any more flowery ones? My name is Isabelle and I live in the USA. Nice to meet you Cheri!! :D