ukulele cases ^_^ update !!!

Hi :) sorry for my absent. we've been busy with planing our trip to Japan on April. i am so exited. i never been there before and there's so many thing i want to see!!!

well, these are my new ukulele cases. they are made from high quality canvas in pastel colour. very sturdy and perfect for carry your lovely ukulele everywhere.  if you want to know more information about them. please email me here cherijame (at) gmail (dot) com. love to hear from you guys.

Couple weeks ago, we had a chance to visit the park nearby our house. we took about one hour walking and sightseeing. although it's quiet cool (at that time) our dog's still tired. look at him, he didn't even walk by himself :D

Before i say goodbye, have you guys see "Her" the movie yet? i watched it last week and i really like it. actually, i've been practiced a song from the movie. ^_^ it's called 'the moon song' with very cute ukulele sound in the movie. you should try. it's pretty nice both the music and the story.

see you very soon. *U_U*


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