Kala Pocket Ukulele Case ^^

As i promise :) we meet real soon cause i need to show you my new favourite bags ^^ they are Kala Pocket Ukulele case. lats year i've fall in love with this little tiny ukulele and finally, i got it on Christmas. as it is very tiny, its sound is not so perfect but it's good enough me :D and two months later, my boy has new outfits. ^^ Tada….

i can't decided which one i like most because i love them all and i think i will make my new bag collection with guitar shape. so far, my bags can be fit together with pineapple and guitar shape ukulele. maybe i will try to make the new shape for my bag. what do you think?

i make the strap that can removable too. in case you don't want it. just take it off :)

well, love to hear from you, if you have one like mine or not. feel free to contact me. see you again ^^ by the way, i can play my first ukulele song now. it is one of my all time favourite songs. it is called 'The moon song" by Karen O. love love this song. what's about you? what is your favourite song?



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