Hello, welcome to my home ^^

Well, this is not my first time that I open my home to public. (One of my favorite magazines  featured my home before and the magazine called ‘my home’.)


I always wonder and really want to see what the other people’s space look like. I love all kind of decoration book and magazine especially girly work space section and that why I guess maybe you guys want to see what my place look like.


 My husband and I, we both work at home. We spend hours and hours here. He is a music composer who love all kind of nature. He plants all flower and tree in our house. (He can take all the credit, if you think my home look nice.) About me, I love all kind of handmade. Apart from sewing, I love kniting and crochet too so I always think that I don’t have enough time to do everything I love. J



Welcome again, to my studio. It is along the canal, very close to the water that always calms me down when I am in the bad mood. It’s full of my stuffs, every corners. It's like my dream come true :D and it is my husband who made it. !!!



I am so happy with things around here. Life is slow, sometime it isn’t but it always gives me time to think, walk, play(with my dog) and the best of all I can do what I love and spending time with my husband who is very kind and supportive.

Well, the last picture tell everything. ^^

Nice to meet you guys. xxxx