Bangkok flea market

Hi guys ^^ last time i was very disappointed that i was enjoy shopping so much and finally, forgot to take the picture of flea market in Bangkok. so last saturday, i was try to do both shopping and shooting. guess what? i did it. successfully in shopping, actually :P

this market is called 'Tarad Klongthom' it 's open on saturday evening until midnight or after. depend on how's drunk of the seller. just kidding :) but most of the seller are nice and chill because it's night time. the weather's not too hot and it seem like they (the seller) became friend and hang out on saturday night rather than selling their stuff.

of course, like other flea market in the world. they have everything here and you never known what you will stumble on. we bought lot of our stuffs from here and people alway surprise how can we found all that 'things'. you know, for example gas stove that we use everyday. it cost only 33 USd and we got it from here, BMX Bike, ceramic, doll, cloth etc. everything you can imagine :)

my hubby and his favourite shop. he said, he look not so cool in the picture but i think he's cute, anyway.^^

Ta…da. these are my new friends. can't help to bring the girls with me. do you see how cute they are :)

goodbye and see you again. our nerd dog is waiting to go to bed now :D

take care and have fun :)




good day...

Hi friends :) well, how time fly. how are you? i was busy (as always) unlike everything around us that look so quiet and relax. the picture of our little garden can proof. ^^

these pictures were taken last sunday. ^^ just want to show you how many fallen leave in our yard and we have no time to take care of it and then my hubby said it looks quiet beautiful, we should keep them like this and i am absolutely agree.

our dog was looking for something and i let him did that so i can take a picture of him. how's funny :)

last pic is my patchwork cushion. i need two seat cushions so decided to made them myself. it look nice for me :)

goodbye for now, see you very soon. ^^ have a good day.




cat cat cat...

Hi guys!!! it is super hot sunday here. we're staying home because it's too hot to go out. anyhow, i found out that i have some cat photo collection that i didn't show you yet. it's kinda fun for me so i think you might like it too.

he (or she?) slept on the middle of the walking lane in the park.

the fat black cat's too adorable. i wish, we can take him home with us!!! well, i'm sure,  my little 'friend' at home won't like this idea.

it was beautiful evening. all the plants are green. the cloud shape looks cute...

even me looks happy like the sunshine. it's quiet hard for us to find some spare time to go out and do nothing. it's absolutely perfect day.

happy weekend guys :) see u. ^^



cherijame in 'AROUND' magazine ^^

Hi :) i am so excited to show you this. well, 'Around' Magazine 's arrived here on monday. honestly, i love everything about it even i couldn't read it. anybody can tell me?

Just quick post for today. how 's about you guys? i've been super busy as we will go to japan next month. so many thing to do before we go. of course, our dog can't come with us but he will be very fine with my close friend. we gonna miss him a lot. T_T

Anyhow, thanks to Zooey, our good friend for the article about us. couldn't thanks to you more. you are super sweet. ^^

take care & see u again :D




super very pastel fabric collection. ^^

Hi guys :) yesterday, i went to the fabric store so here is my new fabric collection. i am a kind of pastel lover. the picture will show you :) They are all japanese fabric very soft and super cute.

this is me. yep, i am in my favourite fabric store in Bangkok. the man you see is the owner. we are kinda 'friend' now. at least on the instragram :)

the last picture is my new product. they are small guitar leathers. i,accidentally, found out that they could be the ukulele pick too. i love love it very much so i think i will add them in my shop soon. what do you think?

well, see you soon :)