it's a wonderful life...

hi guys :) how are you? i've been working a lot. sometime too much. so we talk about taking days off. maybe long vacation in Tokyo again. then i found some pictures that i think they are lovely enough to share with you. this is Kichijoji. the place i like so much. take a look around. ^^

Most of the picture were taken in Inokashira Park. so beautiful :) we are so lucky to be there in such a wonderful season.

nothing much to say as i am a bit sleepy. goodnite. i hope you guys are happy like squirrel :D




I feel blue ^^

Hi guys :) just want to show you my new ukulele case collection. well, i know it's summer now. i should do something colourful but i just feel little bit blue…*_* also, black and white are alway my favourite.  

this is my eye candy for tonight as i ate this cake in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo. have to tell you that this cafe is very little cute cafe but the manager guy is like a japanese model so i ask my hubby to try this restaurant. after our empty plate, he have to admit that it's quiet delicious and very delightful taste. ^^

well, can you see me?  this is my favourite picture from Shibuya. so crowded city. very vivid and superb experience. we took a lot of pictures there.

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