g o o d m o o d ^^

Hi ! Guys :) i am in such a good mood today. Look what i see from my window today.^^ all the greenery scenes and the wind blow while i'm listening to holiday music channel from Accuradio. (litterry, christmas came early here ha..ha) my little dog is snoring beside me. super loud compare to his little tiny size) and my hubby is working super fast like 'The Flash' to take me to Emack and bolio's ice cream tonight. :D

and this months is very special for us as it is our 6th anniversary. how's time fly :)

i wish you guys happy day too :D




Confessions of a housewife/creator and very small entrepreneur

Hi friends, well, there is no excuse for my absence. nothing is good enough so I have to admit it. The truth is we got back from our two weeks vacation in Tokyo on September. Since then, I ‘ve been working on my new collection and some custom projects because you know, ukulele come in variety of shapes and sizes and I always do my best to make it fit in all sizes which is very super time consuming.

I was very inspired by her article. Mandi is very talented girl and I love her styles a lot and all the things she said…I ‘ve found that it is happen to me too.

I always get very nice compliment when someone see my home picture on the magazine or TV show (yes, I’ve been on the show too J ) The truth that nobody know is everything they see is not (so) real. Since we are only two persons in the house. We have to do everything on our own. Taking care of our house and our business together is not so easy. Jame (my husband/everything to me), he is a freelance music composer and he has so much things to do about his job. he do all the process by himself (music arrangement and customer service at the same time). All in one.

Me, I own a small online shop and do everything by me too. I have only one friend to help me sewing. Above of all, it’s all on me. Sometime, I have some helps from Jame but he is too busy and I don’t want to disturb his little free time. Oh! not include our clustered home and all the cloths and dishes that have been waiting so long to be cleaned by us. So ashamed, but it’s truth.

If you don’t know, what it’s like. I have tons of pictures to show you about my real life but only ten pictures is enough, I guess.

we (almost) never keep our kitchen equipment in place.

our small kitchen table. full of stuffs from from yesterday and the days before.

our unofficial place for hanging our wet cloths on the rainy day so the cloth dryer stand is alway here right there when we open the front door.

our work / kitchen table is alway full of stuffs that nothing in common.


oh! not to mention my studio that i am afraid to show you guys right now 555 :D

working at home is sometime very lonely. i have a little dog who always with me but i still need to hear from you. if you are working at home and face with some desperate moment. you can share to me, please :)

goodbye for now ^^ You can see my frequently updates here @cherijame on Instagram.




it's a wonderful life...

hi guys :) how are you? i've been working a lot. sometime too much. so we talk about taking days off. maybe long vacation in Tokyo again. then i found some pictures that i think they are lovely enough to share with you. this is Kichijoji. the place i like so much. take a look around. ^^

Most of the picture were taken in Inokashira Park. so beautiful :) we are so lucky to be there in such a wonderful season.

nothing much to say as i am a bit sleepy. goodnite. i hope you guys are happy like squirrel :D




I feel blue ^^

Hi guys :) just want to show you my new ukulele case collection. well, i know it's summer now. i should do something colourful but i just feel little bit blue…*_* also, black and white are alway my favourite.  

this is my eye candy for tonight as i ate this cake in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo. have to tell you that this cafe is very little cute cafe but the manager guy is like a japanese model so i ask my hubby to try this restaurant. after our empty plate, he have to admit that it's quiet delicious and very delightful taste. ^^

well, can you see me?  this is my favourite picture from Shibuya. so crowded city. very vivid and superb experience. we took a lot of pictures there.

see you next time and you are very welcome to visit my shop here www.etsy.com/shop/cherijame




hello ^^

Hi guys :) no excuse for my absence T_T. i've been working on my new bean bags cover collection. i think i can show you next week maybe. (they are all finished, i just need enough time for photographing). lot of things to update. first of all, just wanna show you my new ukulele cases. these are concert ukulele case.

about the updates, i use instragram now. ^^ please follow me on  #cherijame. you will find some stuffs that i hope you like it and a lot of chihuahua photos too.

goodbye for now, more and more stuff are coming for example my new soprano ukulele case with guitar shape!!!, small zipper pouch for headphone and more :) 

take care xoxo,



ukulele case update !!!

Hi guys :) i know, you want to se my new ukulele case collection, right? ^_^ although, it is very very hot here and we still have tons of work to do. anyhow, i found the time to make the new cases from my new fabric which i really like. please take a look around.

what do you think about them? i try to use high quality fabric and material. to make sure that all my cases are in perfect condition when there're arrived in your hand. please feel free to ask me any question here or cherijame@gmail.com

thanks for stopping by,