ukulele case update !!!

Hi guys :) i know, you want to se my new ukulele case collection, right? ^_^ although, it is very very hot here and we still have tons of work to do. anyhow, i found the time to make the new cases from my new fabric which i really like. please take a look around.

what do you think about them? i try to use high quality fabric and material. to make sure that all my cases are in perfect condition when there're arrived in your hand. please feel free to ask me any question here or cherijame@gmail.com

thanks for stopping by,




home sweet home

Hi :) how are you? i thought it might be a good time to show you my home update again. these photos were shoot on last week. the first one is my hubby home studio. so tiny and so small  but he like it that way. take a look around :)

 the stair to my hubby studio.

our couch. so comfy. our guest love love this couch. Look like it has glue because it's really hard to get yourself up once you sit on it.

we alway eat our dinner here. of course with our old chubby TV. actually, i didn't see anyone use the TV like this anymore. it is too big for little space but it 's my hubby best friend before we met so we can't leave our old friend, right?

our messy desk.

This is the table i love so much. it is the old table from school library somewhere in northern Thailand. it is a bit short compare to normal table size but it fit me. i do anything here include packing all your order. ^^

theses are my new project. can't tell you now. wait and see :)

my new cushion as we need more and i enjoy making it so much.

our neighbour home :) we see his house clearly because there is no other home between ours.

goodbye with song 2's picture. he's ready to sleep and so do i.

have a lovely day.





Hi guys :) Long time no see. just quick update. These pictures were taken today as we had some friends from 'My home TV show'. they came to take some photos and VDO in our house. here is a little bit photos of today. hot and rain at the same time. enjoy!!!

View from my tiny studio :D

Can't help to post my photo as i like this view very much. we never sit here before until the TV crew took a shot here so we did it too.

goodbye and see you soon. ^^