Raining in Shibuya and Cherry blossom in Meguro

Hi guys :) how are you? well, i am back from Tokyo a few days ago. so many thing need to be done.  here is our trip. it's not that perfect, you know but totally super fun. ^_^

this is my first photo that i took while we were waiting for the train. it looks like nothing but it means a thing. it means that we were hungry!!!

our hotel is very close to Shibuya so we were there unfortunately, it's rain :( 24 hours for our first day in Tokyo. it might look boring but actually, it was so much fun because i was enjoyed the big department store around here. shopping has always been very pleasure :P

my guy with his guidebook. he was quiet good for guiding and took me to everywhere i want. ^^ nice job hubby. <3

our perfect day started here at Nakameguro. it was my first time for cherry blossom and it was amazing!!!  Magurogawa river is beautiful and mysterious at the same time and all the people who came here ; the children, old people, guy, lady, lover :D the combination of everything was so perfect. happiness is in the air and there is no word to describe. ^^


see you super soon course i can't wait to show you more pictures!!! 




see you T o k y o !!!

Hi guys :) this is the last post before we go to Tokyo tomorrow. so excited!!! don't know what to say just a little bit update that my shop will be closed for two weeks and there will be some new items like you can see from the picture and more on the way…. ^^

goodbye  with my little dog's pic :) i already miss him now. >_<

see you. ^^ hope you guys have a wonderful day. <3