My rainy home

it's rain season here in thialand. Since my home is located in the suburban of bangkok so it's quiet nature around my house.

i really love this viole flower very much. i found it mystery and sweet at the same time (just like me... haha)

The white house behind the tree is where i live with my husband and my dog. we both work at home so most of our daily life are here.

We really love this place and the environment. Our home is along the canel and this is the thing we see everyday.

 Finally, our dog who entertain and also protect us every minutes. Such a cute and funny dog !!!

See you soon :) good day.

1 comment:

  1. Wow! It's beautiful canal. May I ask a name of your village? (just in case, I left a my email address: onajourney8@gmail.com)

    I like your work and blog.

    Big hug, RP