Fabric for custom ukulele case ^^

Hello everyone, Thank you very much for spending your time here. These are my fabric collection for custom  made ukulele case. you can mix the fabric together, depend on your imagination and if you guys want to know more detail about the fabric. please feel free to contact me here or cherijame (at) gmail.com

This black and white pattern is very classic and also cool for those who want something stylish. it is perfect for everyday life. :)

The pastel brown square is very sturdy and soft at the same time. i used to make it for my been bag cover at home and i still love it a lot. it is japanese cotton and can be match with any pastel color. ^^

The green stripe, as you can see it is all time classic. Use it and you will love it.

About the solid grey fabric, i really love this one. The texture and the little small detail is very perfect in my mind (and hope you do too) it is the high quality of japanese cotton which is very limited quantity. Don't miss it!!! :D

This one is also great for everyday use. it is soft and sturdy fabric with high quality from japan.

All that left behind are Canvas Cotton which is usually use for bag and furniture so you know how's durable they are. Anyway, they come with bright and dark color which is perfect for matching or only the solid one is good enough to make it your own style.

Just let me know which one you like most and they will become your perfect ukulele case in the future. ^^ hope to hear from you guys.

take care xxxx