how to make a bean bag chair ^^

There are simple steps to make a bean bag chair. You can see from the picture below. i suggest fabric like cotton canvas or cotton denim. They are very durable and comfort :) and you can wash them in your washing machine.

Liner is not necessary for a bean bag chair but it is a lot easier, in case you want to wash them and if you have a kid. you must be considerate to have one with your cover. ^^

You can fill it with anything you like. i prefer foam bead because it is convenience for me to buy it. (The foam factory is very near my house) and my hubby love the texture and the feeling of them. it's very comfy. you can sleep in it <3

Now you have it!!!!

i hope this post will be a little bit useful for you guys. See you next time and stay healthy :D 

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