Something about me ^^

Well, it takes time and courage for this post because it is all about me and I am very shy person. My name is cheri , the owner of cherijame www.etsy.com/shop/cherijame , a housewife and former journalist/writer.

I don’t know how I turn to small business owner but looking back when I was young, born and raised in Chinese family, my parent always work very hard. My mom owns a small garment. She and her worker work days and nights. As a kid, I have to do anything I can to help her. It’s not fun at that time. Fabric and sewing machine seem very super boring except when she allow me to play with little piece of fabric that useless for her. I use it as some food (noodle, if you don’t have a clue), hair decoration, doll cloth, anything I can imagine (even fabric amulet ha-ha).

My high school’s life is nothing much to talk about. I love music, actually, crazy is the correct word and i love reading so much. It was very confuse, as I didn’t know what I really want to do in the future. After many confusing times, I decided to study fine art at the university. Ceramic, of course. Actually, I don’t know anything about ceramic at that time. I just love sculpture something you can touch in three dimensions. Above of all, I just want a coffee mug that made by myself for my coffee time in the morning. I read a lot during that time and the library is my secret world, which really help me in the future^^

After spent a year of many temporary jobs and found out that I love to think and knowing about people, social phenomenon and pop culture. it’s became my four years  in university 
(again) and then I success my master degree in Anthropology in 2002.

Eight years later, I work as journalist and columnist for many Thai magazine and newspaper. The turning point is I got married, have a house of my dream and want to spend time with my beloved hubby. So I decides to have my own life that’s not depends on routine job. I think about something I want to play and touch and it is fabric which I have some collection back in 2010. I learn how to sew and making pattern by myself and took my courage to sell my product. It’s start with small pillow for kids, bean bag chair (because my hubby want to have one), ukulele case which become my most successful product, doll, key holder etc.

My business is still very small but I love how’s flexible it is. I can travel and go anywhere I want. I read a lot and watch many series that I love and I can spend my time with my hubby, which I really appreciate ^^

Maybe, this is the longest post I ever done before. Just in case you guys want to know about me and I want to know about you too. Talk to me or leave me your comment if you want.

As they say, life is just a bowl of cherries. Sometime good, sometime bad. I totally agree with this. See u next time. ^^




  1. Hi Cheri,
    Just a note to say I'm still using the two matching ukulele gig bags (music playing animals inside, black-white checkers outside, and vice versa) on a weekly basis. They hold up remarkably well, even on a bicycle or in the rain (both not recommended tests, though!) and attract a lot of attention (oh, how cute!). Keep up the great creative work!
    Karl, in Bruges (Belgium)

    1. wow Karl, i've been thinking about you as you are my very first international ukulele case customer. i hope you are fine. do you still live in the same address? i just want to celebrate my shop by giving you a gift :) please let me know. ^^

    2. I still am! I'll give them a post on my ukulogie.blogspot.com.