Happy new year ^^

Hello everyone :) sorry for my absence. Last december was super busy and very fun for me. i made a lot of order for christmas and consuming lot of sushi which is our most favourite food and finally we took little bike tour around our home on the new year eve. it's quiet fun except that i got flu on the next day :( so the first day of 2014 was pretty terrible for me. anyhow, i feel a lot better now so i want to show you some pics of our trip ^^

As you may see, my home is along the canal and it's still very very nature.

With my bike which is my hubby D.I.Y. bike. The truth is i want a beach cruiser bike but we couldn't find it here as it's not popular in Thailand.

What is really really new for me is i finally learn to play ukulele :) i have a KALA pocket for my new year present from my hubby. it is very small and super cute and yes, it's really difficult to practice with the small instrument like this but i try :D

Look how cute and small it is ;)

our model is still the same one with our guard and truly funny friend, Song 2.

My hubby and our cutest dog. Actually, he is the one who inspire me to make the ukulele bag and teach me to play it <3

The last picture is the view from our home. i never mentioned before but there are a lot of ant and insect in our garden. i think, it come with nature that surround us and we don't use any chemical to get rid of them so it's kinda home sweet home for them too.

See you soon, i promise that we will meet more often this year and happy new year 2014. May this year awesome for you guys ^^



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