Elephant pillow and my tiny doll ^^

Hi Everyone, how are you ? i am totally fine ^^ because rainy season gonna be over soon, i hope. i am, like everyone in Thailand, we love the winter season because it will be less hot weather and we can feel a little bit cold in a couple days and that's good enough for us so, the winter is very special season for Thai and if you never been here maybe you can't imagine how super hot it is.

Talk about my country, probably, elephant is one of the most well known symbol for Thailand. i like elephant too that's why i want to create my little elephant pillow. it's quiet small and look like rock shape or giant soap ha..ha. but it's kinda fun to me.

i stitched on the pastel canvas which is high quality cotton and it soft unlike other canvas fabric :) and all my little pillow stuff with high quality polyester ball. you can wash them in the washing machine and they are still you same old friend :D very easy to take care.

Perfect to be your cute friend or travelling pillow even a pincushion.

My next cute friend is tiny russian doll. Well, can't stop loving it!!!

If you are interested to order or ask me any question. please email me at cherijame@gmail.com i will be very delight to hear from you guy.

Say goodbye with my fun new project :)



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