day off day cafe ^^ and my lovely friends

Hi Guys ^^ well, i will try not to say that it is very super hot hot here but it's fine. we need to prepare for the the real hot summer that coming very sooooon :p this post i just wanna show you my Korean friend cafe "day off day". such a very cute cafe.

The owner's name is Zooey. she is very talented graphic designer. i love her cute and stylish design.

this place is unique, even on the outside as you can see the nice graffiti from the picture.

very cute bar. Zooey's brother made it by himself!!!

the candle are made by Zooey. it made from soy, organic and safe for home use. she can do many things!!

There are my cat pillow. they are available here. if you guys want to see. ^^

Her cat named Meaw. it means cat in Thai. such a cute and funny name. i like it :)

She was interview me as she also a journalist too ^_^ see, she is very talented person. by the way, the story about me and my home will be featured on Korean magazine called "around" next month. can't wait to see it. ^^ This magazine is like Korean Kinfolk. it look really nice. i am very happy to be featured :D

Our zakka gang, the girl on the right is Mika, she is my japanese friend. how nice to see her in the long long time. we much meet more often. ^^ and of course, the second girl on the left is Zooey :)

see you again, have a nice weekend.



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