Friend in need ^^

Hi guys :) i am so excited to show you my new product. They are Kala pocket case as you may know that i have one but before that i need to show you my new friend. yesterday we went to the flea market. this place is called 'Tarad Rotfai' it means train market. Actually, it's quiet far from our home but we really want to see this place.

Every time i go to flea market, thrift store etc. i always came home with doll, toy and pillow. this time is  the same. you can see them from the picture. some are my handmade product and some are from there.

i really like my new friend here. she (?) seems nice together with our home. ^^

Gang of five that look so good together. i got them last night too :D

of course, this guy is still my most favourite friend as he is sitting right next to me now and waiting to go to our bedroom together. so goodbye for now. *_*'

see you super soon. ^^



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