Bangkok flea market

Hi guys ^^ last time i was very disappointed that i was enjoy shopping so much and finally, forgot to take the picture of flea market in Bangkok. so last saturday, i was try to do both shopping and shooting. guess what? i did it. successfully in shopping, actually :P

this market is called 'Tarad Klongthom' it 's open on saturday evening until midnight or after. depend on how's drunk of the seller. just kidding :) but most of the seller are nice and chill because it's night time. the weather's not too hot and it seem like they (the seller) became friend and hang out on saturday night rather than selling their stuff.

of course, like other flea market in the world. they have everything here and you never known what you will stumble on. we bought lot of our stuffs from here and people alway surprise how can we found all that 'things'. you know, for example gas stove that we use everyday. it cost only 33 USd and we got it from here, BMX Bike, ceramic, doll, cloth etc. everything you can imagine :)

my hubby and his favourite shop. he said, he look not so cool in the picture but i think he's cute, anyway.^^

Ta…da. these are my new friends. can't help to bring the girls with me. do you see how cute they are :)

goodbye and see you again. our nerd dog is waiting to go to bed now :D

take care and have fun :)



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