Home Tour NO. 1 'J,J&J Family'

i think about this all the time. i mean, i really enjoy my home so much and i, sometime, enjoy other people house too. so i start this section to show you how people live especially here in Thailand. i hope you guy enjoy them too. 

This is my friend. His name is J aka. Penguinvilla. well, he is a song writer, musician, singer etc. very famous in Thai indy music. He is an idol for some teenager who really in to his music and philosophy  and he is also kind enough to show his home sweet home for us (and thank to the honour photographer, my hubby :)

Please enjoy the tour!!!

The old pic show the love of his life :) His wife name Ji and his little cute son name Jer so this is the real J family.^^

Let me know what you think and Thank you so much for stopping by. Want to listen his music, please visit Youtube and search for Penguinvilla. see you next time.



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